the ancient healing arts of yoga and Thai yoga massage the ancient healing arts of yoga and Thai yoga massage
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Vedic Chant II

Tuesdays, exact dates TBA
10:00 - 11:00 a.m. 
Online, via Zoom (

This class will continue to build on the basics learned in the prerequisite course(s). This session, we will continue to explore the rich and beautiful Sri Suktam, a dedication to the goddess Lakshmi, who represents abundance and fertility. She is described as beautifully glowing and golden, and like a lotus flower. Focusing on the qualities of Lakshmi helps us to connect with those same qualities in ourselves. At this time of uncertainty, when resources may feel finite, and we feel the need for more abundance in our life, this chant can bring a calming effect on the nervous system and allow us to welcome abundance in all its many forms.

$200 CAD, including HST


Sound Healing I

Tuesdays exact dates TBA, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Do you feel locked up in your chest and throat, unable to speak your truth, feel tight and constricted around your heart, always believed you were a terrible singer or had a "bad" voice?

There are many reasons why we may feel stuck in our lives, relationships and communication. Sound healing can begin to open those doors within, allowing you to move forward, deepen and heal relationships, and communicate more easily.

Through a combination of sounding, visualization, meditative focus, and some theoretical learning, begin to unlock your voice and feel the subtle power of sound create big potential shifts in your life.

This is an introductory four week series.

$60 CAN, including HST


Yoga For Equestrians - Online workshop

This workshop is for riders of all ages and abilities, to better understand the mechanics of riding and what needs to be strong, and what needs to be flexible, for best performance. This affects posture, seat, and all aids. Balance and grounding are crucial components of good riding, and we explore exercises to help tap into these limitless, yet elusive resources. Most importantly, riding is a mind game, and we often perform our worst, when we need to perform our best. How do we work with our fears, anxieties and tension, to reach deeper levels of focus and concentration?

We explore these topics over six full one-hour recorded classes, plus six bonus mini-classes with the essential points from each class highlighted, so you can focus on the main points when you're rushed for time.

Purchase the whole set now and get access to all 12 classes.

$60 plus HST

Payment for Workshops

Payment is required to secure your place in the workshop. Payment can be made online, by cash or cheque. Workshops in other locations are subject to the cancellation policy of the workshop host.

If you reserve your place in the workshop by phone or email, it will be saved for 7 days until payment is received.

Cancellations more than 14 days before the workshop, will be refunded minus a $20 administration fee.

Cancellations within 7-14 days of the workshop are subject to a 25% administration charge (minimum $20).

There are no refunds within 7 days of the workshop.

A full refund will be issued if the workshop is cancelled by Wavelengths.

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