the ancient healing arts of yoga and Thai yoga massage the ancient healing arts of yoga and Thai yoga massage
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Guidelines for Group Yoga Classes

In order to enrich your experience of group yoga classes, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind so that you get the most out of your experience.

1. Go at your own pace. Move slowly and listen to your body. Never pull or push yourself into a yoga pose. Be careful not to compare yourself to others or think you should be able to do what came easily in the past (either 20 years ago, or the day before!). Each day our bodies have infinite wisdom to share if we are quiet and listen.

2. Please be on time for class. Arrive a few minutes before class starts (but not more than 15 minutes early) to get settled and be ready when class begins. It is disruptive to others when latecomers arrive. And, when you're late, you may miss important information. Also, when you arrive, please respect others' wish for quiet space by keeping chatter to a minimum.

3. What to wear. Loose fitting or stretchy clothes that allow your body to move freely. Layers are best as you will warm up when you move and cool down when you relax.

4. Food. It's important not to have a big meal before class as a full stomach interferes with many of the postures. Leave at least two hours after a small meal and longer after a larger meal. Please do not chew gum in class.

5. Scents. Please do not wear perfume or other strong smelling lotions or creams to class. Others may be sensitive to these scents.

6. Consult your doctor. If in doubt about your state of health in relation to yoga practice, please consult with your doctor or other health care professional for advice. I'm happy to speak with your doctor if he or she is unsure of what is involved in a typical yoga class.

7. Enjoy your practice! When you come to your mat with an open mind and a happy heart, you will benefit more from the classes. Great benefits are also gained when you begin your practice stressed and grumpy. You'll often finish with a calmer mind and a lighter heart.

8. Practice at home. You will get the most out of yoga if you practice regularly, even a few minutes a day. If you're unsure about what you should be doing, consider booking a private yoga class to have a short practice designed especially for you.

9. Ask Questions. If you're not sure how to do a pose correctly or would like more explanation of the concepts, please ask the class teacher during or after the class (as time permits). Please refrain from making comments unrelated to the class material, or having conversations with other students during class times.

Please note, if you miss a class, you can make it up during the same session at any of the classes in Westwood or Norwood. Students registered in the class get priority when the class is full, so if you're planning to do a make-up class, it's best to let us know. Classes are not transferrable.

Want to try a class before you commit? No problem. Just pay the drop in fee for the class of your choice. If you decide to join after that, you only pay for the classes that remain in the session.

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