the ancient healing arts of yoga and Thai yoga massage the ancient healing arts of yoga and Thai yoga massage
Wavelengths by Caroline Owen
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CD release

"Open Heart - Yoga to Awaken Loving Kindness" is now available for sale. You can find this full length recording in Toronto at Wonder Works on Harbord just west of Spadina, and Snow Lion - The Meditation Shop on Pape, just north of Danforth. In Norwood, it is available at The Massage Therapy Clinic and Wavelengths Yoga Studio, both on County Rd. 45. In Lindsay, you can purchase it at The Path to Stillness Yoga.

Pick up or shipping

Cost: $19.95 CDN + $2.50 shipping = $22.45

The cd includes a 26 minute heart-opening yoga sequence (with clear drawings showing each pose in the cd insert), a 13-minute guided seated meditation and a 18-minute guided meditation to be done lying down. The original music includes guitar, flute, saxophone, piano and sanskrit chanting.

Written and narrated by: Caroline Owen, certified yoga instructor
Music, recording and mixing by: Lisa Patterson, Imaginit Music
Cover Art: Diana Meredith



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